Reich Painting & Decorating Co., Inc

Reich Painting & Decorating Co., Inc. is a full service painting contractor; operating for the past fifty years in the tri-state region of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We specialize in commercial, industrial, and residential painting. Our services include all forms of painting, epoxies, special coatings, vinyl and paper installation, wood finishing, water and sand blasting, Zolatone, Dura-plex, and Stranlok installation, drywall finishing, caulking, water repellents, floor systems, high work, and high performance coatings.

Reich Painting averages 16 to 25 painters, 3 full-time shop finishers, and support staff. We offer bid work, time and materials, and negotiated contracts. We are fully insured, bonded, and properly equipped.


Reich Painting was started fifty years ago when the phone prefix was only one digit. Larry Reich was the originating and sole proprietor. Larry specialized in residential and commercial painting. In 1984, Jody Reich (Larry's son) returned from a tour of duty with the United States Army and took over operations. Larry Reich later retired from the painting industry. Reich Painting is currently owned and operated by Jody Reich.

Quality Control

Reich Painting & Decorating follows a strict set of quality control procedures for all our on-site jobs, and in all work performed in the shop. Our painters and finishers perform their work in accordance to PDCA & MPI standards. They have been trained using the PDCA's COP training procedures. All projects require a daily log to be filled out to track possible quality and environmental issues as they arise. Samples and draw downs are also checked for variations in color and finish. Equipment is routinely inspected to ensure that it is working properly.


Reich Painting & Decorating will conduct operations in a manner that will provide safe work practices, to prevent injury and illness to persons, and prevent damage to the environment.

The Company will incorporate engineered controls, establish administrative regulations, provide protective equipment, and conduct proper training to ensure our employees maintain proper safety discipline.

Supervisors will ensure that all safety regulations are being followed properly, and that everyone on the worksite is aware of the hazards at hand, and utilize the proper means of protection.

Each employee will be required to contribute to this safety policy by following the safety rules, notifying management of any unsafe working conditions, and making recommendations on improvements for safe operations. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and to abide by all the safety and health standards established by local, state, and federal authorities.